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Embed a single event using the url

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    This used to work – (paste a url of an event for it to embed in a page or post) but has suddenly stopped. I have tested embedding other urls – eg videos – and they still work fine.
    Might this be something to do with the new feature to allow inline embeds? I only tried it out previously but now want to try using it in real applications – but it doesn’t seem to work anymore….(url left there rather than changing to display the event)
    I am loathe to make hundreds of tests first if you might know immediately what has caused this? Last time I had a bug (which was a WP bug, just recently) I had spent hours trying to test and figure it out before finding out it was a known bug in WP so I am just trying to avoid repeating the same process if it might be something to do with the latest version of events Pro?
    Many thanks

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    Correct Answer

    Turned out to be due to a conflict with part of jetpack. This can be closed!

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for getting in touch and for informing about the resolution of the issue 🙂

    I’ll go ahead and close out this thread, but if you need help with anything else please don’t hesitate to create a new one and we will be happy to assist you.


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