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Division by Zero — Reopened

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    I am reopening this ticket ( that I had originally open in The Events Calendar Pro forum, because the last one was closed by the robot. Since the previous ticket, I have updated The Events Calendar to 4.6.3, The Events Calendar Pro to 4.4.19, and The Events Calendar : Eventbrite Tickets to 4.4.8. WordPress is at 4.8.3.

    I am still getting this message:
    Warning: Division by zero in /home/xxxxxx/ on line 1381

    This message appears in all event description pages in two places. See screen capture.

    I did the suggestions to change themes and test all the plugins.

    I deactivated all plugins and started testing by turning them back on one-by-one. Nothing generated the “Divide by Zero” error messages up to The Events Calendar plugins. I left them all to the end. I reactivated first the basic The Events Calendar plugin and no error messages. I reactivated The Events Calendar Pro plugin and got no error messages. I got the error messages after I reactivated The Events Calendar: Eventbrite Tickets plugin.

    I switched the theme to TwentySixteen (because TwentyFourteen is too back level). Changing the theme to Twentysixteen, didn’t make the problem go away.
    How do I fix this problem?

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    Correct Answer

    Hi, Cynthia.

    This is a bug with WordPress core:

    Please keep an eye on it there.

    To make the error not happen until that bug is fixed, I’d recommend unchecking the box or changing its value to something other than zero:

    Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions on this topic.

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    Thanks. I unchecked the box and the notice went away. I’m glad someone finally figured out what is causing it.


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    Glad to help! 🙂

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