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    I use a custom Login and Registration link (still using the wp_login_form) for paid subscriptions for my site so instead of calling the wp_login_form I’d like it to take them to the login pages I’ve created. I’m very beginner so I’m not sure how to change this call to be directed to the specific pages that they live on.

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    Howdy Meghan,

    That is totally doable. Have you ever pasted a “snippet” in your functions file before? That’s all you need to do here, and I’ll walk you through it.

    Paste the following snippet at the top of your theme’s functions.php file. Replace the opening “<?php” with this snippet, as this snippet includes that opening tag.

    Does that all make sense? Will that work for you? Please let me know.


    – Brook

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    That worked thank you! I just need to tweek my login page to include a register link and it will work. Thank you so much.

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    Excellent! It was my pleasure.

    • Brook