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    Welcome to our pre-release forum for Community Events 4.5!

    Though we do not provide our full level of premium support for alpha or beta early access downloads, our support team will be monitoring this forum throughout the week to log bug reports. We will also respond to individual issues as time allows.

    Where to Find the Early Access Download

    Existing Community Events license holders can find the early access download for Community Events 4.5 at the bottom of the My Account → Downloads page when logged into their account.

    Note: in order to successfully trial the Community Events 4.5 early access download, you will also need to install the early access downloads for the following plugins:

    • The Events Calendar 4.6.0
    • Events Calendar PRO 4.5.0 (optional)

    Generally Smart Info

    We strongly recommend you make a backup of your site before trialing this software. Additionally, we recommend performing your tests on a dev or staging site to avoid potential breakages on your live site.

    All feedback is welcome – the more detailed you are when describing any problems you run into, the better our team can try to replicate the issue and address it.


    The pre-release/beta period for Community Events 4.5 has now concluded. All further questions relating to Community Events should be posted in the regular forum 🙂

    Our thanks to everyone who participated!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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