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changing display format of venue details (postal code, city, etc…)

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    Hi there,
    i wonder if there is a possibility to change the display of adressformats (such as in venue, etc.) to an alternative version like ‘postal code’, ‘city’, ‘country’ – instead of the offered city, country, postalcode…
    for not to look to weird for our customers here – i removed the postal code (i could live with that) – bit it remains a ‘comma’ at the end of the line – as if some detail ist really missing…

    any ideas?

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    The first thing to do here is review our Themer’s Guide which covers the basics for safely overriding and customizing our templates. From there you are probably going to be interested in the modules/address.php template so – in summary – you’d basically copy this from:




    You can then modify it and re-order things how you would like. Does that help?