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Change Facebook Account linked to Aggregrator

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    Currently my personal FB account is linked to the Aggregator – that’s fine I’m still a member of the NFP that volunteer for… But it occurs to me – what if I leave and my admin rights to our FB page is removed – that would break the setup.

    How does one gracefully change the account used by aggregator – and are then any recommendations/best practises managing this. Should I create a made-up facebook account (like you would a service account) for this purpose – have it granted rights to the FB page (which is unlikely to change) and then link the Event Aggregator that way?

    Many Thanks
    Michelle The Admin

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    HiĀ Michelle!

    Thanks for getting in touch with us. Let me help you with this topic.

    You can eliminate the Event Aggregator application from your Facebook account. You will find all the apps connected to your Facebook account in your Account settings > Applications.

    From there you will be able to eliminate Event Aggregator app and then go back to your site to connect to a different Facebook account.

    Is there anything else I can help you with? Let me know.


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    Thanks for that – I’ll make a note of your instructions so if/when the time comes we have that documented somewhere…

    Best Wishes

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    You are welcome Michelle! šŸ™‚

    It seems you are all set here so I will go ahead and close this thread, but do not hesitate to open a new topic if anything comes up and we’ll be happy to help.


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