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Change CSS in full calendar mode- where do I find the child css file?

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    Hi I updated the calendar a few weeks back and now noticed that the schedule boxes are showing full teal where there is an event and the event name is not showing

    I can see that I need to change the css so to background (teal colour) is off. So found this that controls the background color

    tribe-grid-allday .tribe-events-week-allday-single, .tribe-grid-body .tribe-events-week-hourly-single, .tribe-grid-allday .tribe-events-week-allday-single:hover, .tribe-grid-body .tribe-events-week-hourly-single:hover {
    background-color: #f3e6d2;
    background-color: rgba( 33, 117, 155, .75 );
    border-color: #14455c;

    Where do I access/change this css so the blue teal background colour is off and it shows the event name in the calendar?

    Here is the url

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    Hi Kristiina,

    You can try adjusting the “Default stylesheet used for events templates” setting under Events > Settings > Display, and if that doesn’t make a difference, you can also add the following CSS to the ┬áCustom CSS area under Appearance > Customize (if you have one) or to the style.css file of your child theme:

    #tribe-events-content .entry-title a {
        color: initial;

    I tested this out, and it appears to be working on my end (see screenshot). Let me know if this helps!

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    thank you

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    No problem!

    Since this has been marked “Resolved”, I’ll go ahead and close it out. Feel free to open up a new thread if you have any further questions!

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