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Calendar template blank if calendar empty

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    Hey guys,

    Recently upgraded from the free to Pro versions. Have had the same issue with both versions on the site I’m working on. That is if the calendar is empty of any events for a given month then the calendar template just comes up blank.

    You can see this here As there is an event for November the calendar displays correctly. If you click on the October 2011 link at the top the calendar page is blank.

    I will see if I figure this out on my end but any help would be great.



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    The calendar displays correctly if I revert to the default WP theme. Does not display empty calendars however with the installed theme Im using.

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    Thanks for checking it on the default WP theme; what theme are you on? If you can pass its name along, I can get our dev to take a look for the next release to find a way to better integrate the two.

    In the short-term, have you tried playing around with the different templating options available under Settings –> The Events Calendar, to see if any of those do the trick?

    Lastly: did the 2.0.1 upgrade fix this, by chance? Always worth a shot 🙂

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    Hey Mark – just wanted to follow-up on this one. Did the 2.0.1 upgrade work? If not, ca you name the theme you’re using here? We’re going to want to get ahold of that ourselves to test/resolve for a future build, if the issue persists. Let me know.