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Automatically Assign Organizer by Uploader (Logged In Required)

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    My site is set up so that only logged in users can submit community events. Is it possible to make is so that the “organizer” is automatically assigned based on them being logged in/ submitting it? This would be a really helpful feature, as we don’t want users uploading events on other people’s behalf.

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    I think that should be possible, yes.

    To clarify then, the user themselves would basically be the organizer?

    If so, I think the answer would essentially be to “listen” for new submissions using standard WordPress hooks such as save_post_{post_type} and then do one of two things:

    • Create a new organizer record and assign to the event
    • Assign any suitable existing organizer to the event

    Of course, you’d also need to create a relationship between user accounts and organizers. So, definitely doable but very much a customization task that we’d need to leave in your hands.

    Is that the sort of thing you were thinking of?