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    I’m looking to add more columns to the Attendees list and export CSV. Previous threads spoke about “custom fields” but I’m not asking to be able to view and export custom fields, just the main fields that exist in the checkout process, ie. Business Name, Address, Postal Code, Country, State/Province, Phone Number, etc. These should just be toggleable in the screen options box like the current columns are (Order # Order Status Purchaser name Purchaser email Ticket type Ticket # Security Code Check in). I can’t see that adding these options would be a big deal, but we cannot find any documentation about how to do this, nor does the issue seem to be getting the attention it deserves from Modern Tribe. I’m not the only one looking for this functionality. We need to be able to export this info for a variety of reasons and it’s a major shortcoming with this plugin.


    Hi there Katherine! Rob from Modern Tribe here — I head up our support team, and my colleagues who run the day-to-day operations at our forums reported that they’d seen an upswing in activity from you on this issue over the past few weeks. I wanted to reach out to thank you for this feedback and to apologize that we failed to properly set your expectations. I hope to shed a bit of light onto our development process along the way that will clarify things.

    First, I should apologize on behalf of the whole team that we failed to properly communicate here — it’s obvious you’re upset that this feature has yet to be implemented, and the fact that we didn’t provide enough information up front for you to understand our development process is an absolute failure on our end. I know what it’s like to start using a plugin and find that a feature you expected to see isn’t there…and find it even more frustrating when my requests for such a feature seemingly fall on deaf ears with the plugin development team. Out of curiosity, is there someplace we falsely set your expectations that the plugin would ship with this feature? If so, can you point me to that page? If there is misleading copy on our product page, I want to get that cleared up ASAP to ensure others don’t face your same disappointment.

    When it comes to the actual functionality you’re requesting: you make a really solid request here, and I can say with a fair degree of confidence that this is something that is on our roadmap. But I should set expectations that such a feature isn’t something that’s going to come overnight. As a stopgap we recently introduced new filters in the plugin that should allow you to get one step closer to accomplishing this (here’s an example of how those can be used: I do expect a true feature that allows it will be implemented in a subsequent release.

    In terms of how long it takes for a feature to be incorporated: that’s a really good question. I’m not sure if you saw our recent blog post, but we aren’t really focused at all on any new feature development this summer — between June and when we pick things back up in the Fall, we’re focused purely on performance and making sure the plugin behaves better. This was unquestionably the biggest concern among our users and is why we’ve embarked on this Summer of Performance. I encourage you to check out this blog post if you haven’t already, since it does provide some insight on our thinking here.

    Once we resume feature development in the fall, picking up with the tickets framework and extending it to better meet the needs of our users is a major priority — arguably our highest priority. While I don’t want to comment on any specific functionality or dates related to that yet, I am optimistic that it’s going to be a huge value add for users and that those items that have been most actively requested on our UserVoice page will generally be given precedence. Once we have more information to share we will announce it with great fanfare 🙂

    Feel free to check in between now and then, but it’d be awesome if we could keep those exchanges in as few threads as possible to ensure the conversation is tracked. You are also always welcome to reach out to me personally, via email to rob (a), for a status update…if we’re anywhere near having code beta-ready at that point, I’d love to have you involved. You seem like a prime candidate for a beta period! It’s those who have the strongest opinions who we can learn the most from, and if there is a beta for the updated tickets framework, know that you’re welcome to participate when it happens.

    I hope this helps. Thanks again for helping us get better. Know that if at any point along the way you feel we aren’t moving quickly enough here and would like a refund, that offer is on the table…it’d suck to lose you as a customer and I’d rather not see it go that route, but I want to make sure you’ve got a plugin that meets your needs (even if that means refunding you your purchase price and directing you to a competing calendar plugin that may serve you better).

    If you have any other questions or concerns, know that I’m here and listening.


    Hi Rob. Thank you for the thorough reply. We do not feel that were were misled at all into purchasing your products. You often don’t know you need a feature until you need it. When it comes to reporting, however, one expects it to be thorough and to include as much existing data as one needs, filterable from the most basic on up to the works.

    WooCommerce falls horribly short in this department. If their reporting was up to snuff, then this wouldn’t even be an issue, we could just export the customer list filtered by tickets purchased. I know that’s not on you to resolve their shortcomings, but when it comes to your products you’ve got to be better than them.

    I’m happy to hear that you guys are looking at possibly including these feature requests (and please look at adding time zones to The Events Calendar too!) and we will eagerly follow along with your progress. I’d add more votes to the UserVoice channel, but I’ve run out of votes there. I’m sure that’s not necessary though, I’m satisfied that our request hasn’t fallen on deaf ears now.

    I’ll take a look at the example you sent over and hopefully we can get this implemented in the meantime.

    Kind regards,
    Brad Shaw


    Hi there,
    I would like to put my voice in to have this feature implemented. I too purchased pro for “custom fields”, thinking these would be client-side.

    We need to be able to gather extra info for a ticket such as “Meal Requirements”… etc…


    Hey folks: realized after seeing the last reply in here from jenunderscore that I neglected to come back in and bring this thread full circle. My apologies for that.

    It does sound like there is unquestionably a demand for this — and the more I’ve reviewed it with the team and flushed out ideas these past few weeks, the more feasible I think this might be. And since we exchanged notes last we flushed out our Tickets framework plan even further…there’s no question this is going to be a part of that. While I’ll caution that it may yet slip, we currently have that slated to wrap before the year is out. At this point it’s just a matter of putting together the right team of developers to build out Tickets 2.0 (which we’re doing this week).

    Thanks again for the feedback. Once this is added, we will unquestionably roll it out and promote heavily here on the forums. If you need anything else in the interim don’t hesitate to email me directly (rob @ this domain).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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