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All Events Disappearing

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    I’m using The Events Calendar with your Community Events and PRO plugins. When we use the Community form to edit current events and submit, it spins and spins until I finally get a 504 Gateway Timeout error and when I go back to the calendar, all the events that have been published are gone.

    I started up a MySQL log to see what was happening, and it appears that it’s going through and deleting all event posts and their postmeta until it stalls out. If we edit the events from the WordPress admin, everything works fine, so it appears to me to be an issue with the Community Events plugin when editing published events.

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    Hi Jasper, thanks for contacting us!

    At Modern Tribe we work hard to release polished and clean, professional software. However in the open source market place, this is not always the case.

    Before submitting a support post, we ask users to deactivate all plugins and change to a theme like Twentytwelve, as a proven way to check for conflicts.

    Ideally, they will do this on a local, development, or staging environment. It’s possibly a little tedious, but it is the surest and most efficient way to get to the root of a complicated issue. We know this after years of combined experience troubleshooting technological problems of all shapes and sizes.

    If the issue still occurs on a normalized system, there is more than likely a problem with our plugin (a bug).

    If the issue goes away on a normalized system, there is more than likely conflict with another plugin or theme that is not ours.

    This is an integral part of our troubleshooting process. By reactivating plugins one at a time, checking the problem with each activation, you can immediately find out where the conflict is. Otherwise, it is a difficult (impossible) guessing game.


    Can you please deactivate your plugins and theme, to confirm the problem goes away? Please reactivate each piece, until the problem comes back. Please let us know which plugin causes the problem.

    Could we also get a copy of the mysql log?

    Does this make sense? Let me know if this doesn’t work for you.



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    Hello anchorm,

    We typically close threads if there is no activity after two weeks. Feel free to create a new thread and reference this one to save you time.


    – Casey Driscoll