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Advanced calendar widget

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    It says this:
    “If you wish to customize the widget display yourself, see the file views/events-list-load-widget-display.php inside the Events Premium plugin.”

    I want to change the order of how things are displayed. And I can edit the core. My question about that is… aren’t my changes going to be over-written each time I update the plugin?

    Editing the core isn’t ideal IMO.

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    Hey Adam. I’m pretty sure you can update that .php file just like any others via a template override (so you avoided reverting your changes upon upgrade), but let me check with our dev to confirm that. Will post confirmation as soon as I’ve got it.

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    You’re going to have to post some directions for that template override. I was able to modify the output a little by editing the events-list-load-widget-display.php file.

    There are a number of other things I’d like to do to that widget to properly pimp it out. But to do that I’d need the ability to select a custom field via the widget. (Pretty please) Here’s ideally what the output would be.

    Thanks for your time. I have about 10 more sites that want this sucker next. So glad it’s out!

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    Hey Adam,

    We are working on the template tag documentation first. Once that is out, the next thing I am going to do is get reid drunk and have him do a “Friday Beers with Reid” hackathon tutorial series on how to modify your theme with custom templates. Might be a couple weeks before those get out.

    As for selecting a custom field, let me check with john on that. I’m pretty sure we have a template tag just for that, but upon looking real quick, I didn’t find it. I think John is out tomorrow, but I know he is working on it Saturday.

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    OK, cool. I’m not in a big time rush. I am finishing up this one site to launch by 11/1. If that stuff comes I am convinced they can accept that the widget is a little buggy. I appreciate all the responsiveness.

    Trust me, this site was using GigPress. You guys are way WAY ahead of that turd of a plugin.