Known Issues

An updated list of high-priority bugs we're actively trying to squash with keyboards.

The issues reported below are ones we’ve identified as significant, high-priority issues that we are currently investigating. Please note that this is not a complete list of every single known issue.

🕓 Last Updated: 4 June 2018

Facebook imports

Note: Imports

Description: Following recent changes to the Facebook API, a range of imports are no longer possible. If you experience difficulties importing from this source we recommend reading:

Affected Products: Event Aggregator

Internal ref.: n/a

Navigation on Month view is broken when using a date format with periods (.)

Status: In Progress

Description: In Month View, if the Datepicker format is set to YYYY.MM.DD, MM.DD.YYYY, or DD.MM.YYYY, clicking next or previous month links will not work.

Workaround: Until the fix arrives choose a datepicker format with a different delimiter than the period. The setting can be found under Events > Settings > Display  tab > Date Format Settings section > Datepicker Date Format.

Affected Products: The Events Calendar

Internal ref.: #105443

Tickets don’t show up after creating them

Status: Fix Arriving Soon

Description: This issue happens usually when Redis cache is enabled. This applies to RSVPs, WooCommerce tickets and may also apply to Tribe Commerce and EDD as well.

The issue also applies to WP Engine having Object Cache enabled. Workaround: Navigate to WP Admin > WP Engine > General Settings > and click Purge All Caches.

Affected Products: Event Tickets, Event Tickets Plus

Internal ref.: #105802

If an RSVP has attendees already, then changing the capacity of it does not increase availability

Status: RSVP – Fix Arriving Soon; EDD – In Progress

Description: Once an RSVP has been “sold”, then changing the capacity of it will not adjust the available number of RSVPs / tickets.

A similar glitch happens when using EDD.

Affected Products: Event Tickets, Event Tickets Plus

Internal ref.: #102634 (RSVP), #106741 (EDD)

Community Tickets > Adaptive (‘split’) payments has been deprecated by PayPal

Status: In Progress

Description: Adapative payments and NVP / SOAP apps more generally have been sunsetted by PayPal, seemingly effective as of 01 December 2017.

Split payments should still work for existing users, but new users will not be able to take advantage of this feature for the time being. We are looking into different options to replace adaptive payments in our Community Tickets plugin.

Affected Products: Community Tickets

Internal ref.: #95516 => #96112

“Hide attendees list on events page” works opposite since Event Tickets Plus 4.5.1

Status: In Progress

Description: With Event Tickets Plus 4.5.1 we have changed the wording of the setting “Hide attendees list on events page” and now it is called “Display attendees list”. We felt that this is a more logical approach to the setting.

However, a glitch happened during the implementation. For users who have updated to Event Tickets Plus 4.5.1, for events where the list was set to be hidden is now visible, and vice versa.

To fix this with one shot you will need to run the below query directly in your database.

This query will flip the Show/Hide attendees setting for all your events.
Note, you might need to adjust the above queries if you are using a different table prefix than the default.

And the query:

UPDATE wp_postmeta
SET meta_value = IF ( meta_value <= 0, 1, 0 )
WHERE meta_key = '_tribe_hide_attendees_list';

Affected Products: Event Tickets Plus

Internal ref.: #82524

Event Tickets Plus: ticket stock troubleshooting

Note: Reading

Description: We have received reports of ticket stock not decreasing with the ticket sales. If you are experiencing this, then please read the below article first before getting in touch with us. Thank you!

Affected Products: Event Tickets Plus

Internal ref.: n/a

Daylight Saving Time Issues with Recurring Events

Note: Reading

Description: Daylight Saving Time can confuse the best of us. If your recurring events appear to be offset by an hour and you’re note sure why, check out these knowledgebase articles to learn how your events may have been affected.

We are also aware of a DST glitch when the Series Engine plugin is used / active when creating recurring events. If you are using this plugin, then deactivate it until you create a recurring event.

Affected Products: Events Calendar PRO

Internal ref.: n/a

DST glitch when using Series Engine plugin

Note: Reading

Description: When recurring events, which expand to both summer and winter time, are created with the Series Engine plugin activated, then a 1 hour shift will occur in the event time before of after the DST date.

To work around this, deactivate Series Engine until the recurring event is created. Note: deactivating the plugin will not influence already existing events. To fix existing events deactivate Series Engine and re-save the recurring event, check if the timings are correct on the front-end, then re-activate the plugin.

Affected Products: Events Calendar Pro

Internal ref.: n/a

Event Tickets Plus > Available # of tickets on list view and day view shows incorrect number

Status: Fixed 5.29.2018

Description: When an event has a set shared capacity, but has no tickets that use shared capacity, then the available tickets number is wrong on list view and day view.

To fix this open the Settings in the Tickets section and set the ‘Shared Capacity’ value to zero (0).


Affected Products: Event Tickets Plus

Internal ref.: #100340

Start/end sale dates do not respect event timezone

Status: Fixed 5.29.2018

Description: The start and end sale dates of a ticket do not respect the event- or site-specific timezone.

Affected Products: Event Tickets Plus

Internal ref.: #76683

Attendee list on back-end is empty / not updated immediately after changes

Status: Fixed 5.29.2018

Description: When changing the status of a WooCommerce order, the change is not reflected on the attendee list immediately. Or a new ticket purchase doesn’t show up on the attendee list immediately.

Workaround can be found here:

Affected Products: Event Tickets Event Tickets Plus

Internal ref.: #103831