Known Issues

An updated list of high-priority bugs we're actively trying to squash with keyboards.

The issues reported below are ones we’ve identified as significant, high-priority issues that we are currently investigating. Please note that this is not a complete list of every single known issue.

🕓 Last Updated: March 23, 2017

Fatal Error with the Customizer for Some Users of Events Calendar Pro

Some folks encounter issues with Events Calendar Pro and the WordPress Customizer—some even get fatal errors! We are investigating these issues because they do not reliably occur—but enough folks report such issues that there is a legitimate bug here. There's unfortunately no known temporary workaround for these issues, but a fix will hopefully arrive soon.

  • Event Tickets Plus
When Translating an Event with WPML, its Venue and Organizers Disappear

This is a major conflict with the 4.4.x versions of our plugins and WPML. It makes it quite difficult to use our plugins with WPML at all, and so the best workaround that currently exists is to roll back The Events Calendar on your site to version 4.3.5, and to roll back Events Calendar Pro on your site to 4.3.4. These versions work fine with WPML.

  • The Events Calendar
  • Events Calendar PRO
Purchasing a Ticket with Split Payments Doesn't Set the Order to "Completed"

For users of Community Tickets, the "Split Payments" feature is essential. There is currently and unfortunately a major bug where the Split Payments feature is failing to set orders to the "Completed" status, which has a number of implications in terms of the tickets being sent to the user, the payment showing up in WooCommerce, and so on. There is current no workaround for these issues.

  • Community Tickets

Not Seeing Your Issue?

If you think you have found an issue that affects a wide number of others in the community and do not see it listed here, please let us know in the forums and we’d be happy to check it out.

Also, see our Release Schedule for more on upcoming releases.