The issues reported below are ones we’ve identified as significant, high-priority issues that we are currently investigating. Please note that this is not a complete list of every single known issue.

🕓 Last Updated: 15 October 2020

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Daylight Saving Time Issues with Recurring Events

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Description: Daylight Saving Time can confuse the best of us. If your recurring events appear to be offset by an hour and you’re note sure why, check out these knowledgebase articles to learn how your events may have been affected.

We are also aware of glitches that can happen when the Series Engine plugin is active. If you are using this plugin, please note that they have settings you can take advantage of to resolve this problem.

Affected Products: Events Calendar PRO

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Your update failed due to an incompatibility …

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When running an update on the calendar / ticketing plugins the update might fail and you might receive a message like this:

Your update failed due to an incompatibility between the version (5.1.0) of the The Events Calendar you tried to update to and the version of The Events Calendar PRO that you are using. Read More.

This is a feature implemented in our plugins. If you are using several of our plugins, then during the update process it will be checked whether the versions you want to and can update to are compatible with each other or not.

For example your Events Calendar Pro license has expired last month. A new release for The Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro just came out and you would like to update. However, you cannot update Events Calendar Pro – due to the expired license – and updating The Events Calendar would cause an incompatibility and might crash your site. The system recognizes this and will not allow the update of The Events Calendar to keep your calendar working and you will be presented the above message.

The solution:

  • Make sure that you have access to the needed versions of all the plugins.

Plus/Minus button styling glitch with Event Tickets / Plus

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Description: In Event Tickets v4.11 we have redesigned how the Ticket Form looks on the front-end. With some themes there can be a styling conflict of the plus/minus buttons in the ticket form. (Screenshot)

Affected Plugins:

Possible workaround:

  • Please refer to this article for more information and a possible fix.

Wrong time / time zone is shown for events after WP5.3 update

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Description: After updating to WordPress 5.3, the time and / or the time zone of the events is wrong. In most cases the time is shown in the UTC time zone.

This is caused by the date_default_timezone_set function, which should not be used any more. See the ‘Not recommended’ section in this post.

Update: As of Events Calendar PRO 4.7.10 we are no longer using the date_default_timezone_set function.

Solution: If you are still experiencing glitches with the time or time zone of the events, please read this post for further information and a solution.

QR code scanner does not recognize API key

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Description: When scanning a valid QR code of a ticket, an error message similar to the below appears on the screen:

  • “Please Verify API Key is Correctly Entered on the Settings Page”

In some cases the server configuration is not allowing the URL (that is coming from the QR code) to go through properly. The URL should be returning a JSON response, but it instead looks to be redirecting to a HTML page. Please contact your hosting provider to investigate this.

In case server configuration is right and confirmed by the hosting provider, then create a support ticket with the following information:

  • Set up a test event in the future and share the URL
  • Set up a ticket for the event that our support team can ‘purchase’ for free, so we can receive a QR code to scan
  • Share with us the API key for the app

To find out more about the error messages in the Event Tickets Plus App please check out this post.

Affected Plugins: Event Tickets Plus & Event Tickets Plus App

Event Tickets Plus: ticket stock troubleshooting

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Description: We have received reports of ticket stock not decreasing with the ticket sales. If you are experiencing this, then please read the below article first before getting in touch with us. Thank you!

Affected Products: Event Tickets Plus

Internal ref.: n/a