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New User Primer: The Events Calendar and Events Calendar PRO

Just starting out with The Events Calendar and Events Calendar PRO? These steps will help you get set up and ready to rock an awesome calendar. Follow the links for detailed tutorials.

1. Download and install the plugin. You can download and use our core plugin, The Events Calendar, for free. If you have purchased a license for Events Calendar PRO, you’ll need to install and activate both the core and PRO plugins.

2. If you purchased Events Calendar PRO, the license key will be automatically entered for you. Don’t have a license key in your settings? Go to My Account » Licenses to copy your license and enter it into Events » Settings » Licenses. The plugin will work without the license key, but you’ll need it for automatic updates when a new version is released. Need updates on both your dev site and your live site? We’ve got you covered.

3. Configure your settings. You’ll want to configure both your WordPress Settings and your Events Calendar settings so that your calendar looks and acts just how you want it.

4. Add a link to your calendar on your website so that visitors can find it.

5. You’re ready to add your first event!

Hurrah! Your calendar is now up and running! You can stop there or further tailor your calendar with the options below.

If you run into trouble or need help, you can head to our troubleshooting page or post to our help desk. You can also explore our Knowledgebase for tutorials, tips, walkthroughs, and more.