Styling Calendar Widgets

This guide outlines stylesheets and classes for styling the calendar widgets for both The Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro. This follows the same concepts outlined in our “Customizing CSS” guide, so please check that out if you haven’t already.

Widget Plugin Stylesheet Base Class
List The Events Calendar tribe-events.css .tribe-events-list-widget
Advanced List Events Calendar Pro widget-calendar.css .tribe-events-adv-list-widget
Mini Calendar Events Calendar Pro widget-calendar.css .tribe_mini_calendar_widgeto
This Week Events Calendar Pro widget-calendar.css .tribe-this-week-widget
Featured Venue Events Calendar Pro tribe-events-pro.css .tribe-events-venue-widget
Countdown Events Calendar Pro tribe-events-pro.css .tribe-events-countdown-widget

As you can see, different widgets require different stylesheets to be set up within your theme if you are to successfully style them to suit your needs.

We hope this post helps you to quickly get to grips with styling each of our widgets, but if you have any questions or need more specific guidance please feel free to contact the support team at our Help


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