Server errors (with a 5xx code) can sometimes appear on your WordPress site with The Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro. Although these errors may seem concerning at first, the good news is that they are usually relatively easy to resolve.

Let’s see how to get you up and running again in no time!

Server errors and The Events Calendar

Server errors (5xx) happen when your server is not responding correctly and therefore your site is not responding to the request being made. The good news is that it’s likely only a temporary issue that was happening when Google tried to visit your server. Still, as your site is up and running correctly, you should not worry about our plugin but your server uptime.
The most straightforward test for server errors is by visiting each URL on your server error list in your Google Search Console results. If you can now see a page loading correctly, it’s no longer a server error, so what you’re seeing is simply outdated information from Google, that hasn’t yet been updated.

Next steps

If after taking the above steps you are still seeing server errors, there are a few additional fixes you can try, to resolve the errors:

  1. Clear cookies and caches: Sometimes 5xx errors are due to the cookies related to your website, so deleting these and refreshing the browser can often solve the problem. To do this, visit your browser History and select Delete. To remove the cookies from some devices you may need to check the box next to Cookies before hitting delete. Refresh your page and check to see if the error code represents itself.
  2. Contact your host/service provider: If you are still seeing these errors, your hosting provider should be able to fix the issue on their end. It’s possible that they’re already aware of a server-side issue, and they’ll be able to give you a good idea of when you’ll be up and running again.