When using The Events Calendar plugins, you may encounter an issue where the calendar view doesn’t change or you can’t paginate past the current month.

If you do see one of these issues occur, there may be a simple fix.

Testing for conflicts

The simple answer is that there may be a conflict occurring with another plugin that is causing this issue. Often, this happens with security plugins, like Wordfence, or with a firewall like Modsec Firewall.

The reason why this may occur is that security plugins tend to block the REST API. To see if this is what is causing the issue, go ahead and disable all security plugins and firewalls. You may need help from your hosting provider when it comes to any firewalls installed.

Read more about testing for conflicts in our Knowledgebase article.

Google Chrome Developer Tools

Another first step you can take when resolving this error is to utilize Google Chrome Developer Tools. You can usually find some good clues to help you see what is causing the issue there. To learn more about using Google Chrome Developer Tools, check out this Knowledgebase article.

The same applies to other browsers, like Firefox and Safari, where you can look for errors in the console using their inspection tools.