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Two words didn't translate.

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    I’m using Events Calendar Pro with default translation. Translation is working pretty well, except two words.

    In default view there is search bar in the top of the page where you can search for the events by date, location or keyword. For example date is correctly translated to finnish word Päivämäärä and “Near” to word “Lähellä” but there’s no translation for the words “Location” and “Search”.

    How could I translate those two missing words.

    Here is a screenshot about the “bar”.

    Hope you understood what I’m trying to say and could help me to find the solution.:)

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    Hi petrivirta,

    Thanks for getting in touch! The Finnish translation for The Events Calendar and Events Calendar PRO is out of date, which is why some of the strings are not getting translated. Would you be interested in updating the translation for us? That would be really great because then the whole thing would be updated and other users could have a Finnish translation.

    If you’re interested in updating the translation for us, you can find instructions and files in our Getting Started post. Thank you!