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Turkish translation of Events Calendar including PRO (with proper link)

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    I had the link, maybe it was stripped, strange. It’s a pity we can’t reply to posts (it says that I need to choose a status option, which there is none)

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    Thanks for the response, resmco. I am forwarding it to Leah.

    I have someone looking into your forum issue. It is strange that you are not able to reply. Thanks for notifying us!

    – Brook

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    Thanks for these Derin! I was able to download the files and I will be looking them over later this week. I’ll get back to you once I’ve reviewed them. Thanks again for your hard work!

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    Correct Answer

    I’ve tested these files and they look great. They’ll be included in the next maintenance release of the plugins. I’ll email you shortly with a coupon for a free license. Thanks so much for your hard work!