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Search all future events

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    I want the filter bar to search for all future events entered, not just the month shown on the calendar.

    For example, in month view (November) the filter bar will only list events for the month of November. Then you have to switch to a new month and search again.

    I have searched the documentation and the knowledge base for a solution on how to extend the search capabilities but have not found an answer. Please help.

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    Hi Sara!

    Thanks for reaching out to us! Let me help you with this topic.

    When using Filter Bar, the set of filters you apply should be retained when using the pagination of the month calendar. So, you shouldn’t have to re set the filters each time you go to the next month.

    I’ve just tried using the Filter Bar in your site and it works fine for me. Did you manage to solve the issue or are you experience a different behaviour? Please let me know about it so I can further help you with the troubleshooting.


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    Thanks, Victor! I appreciate your response.

    I did do additional research and the problem occurs when you “Disable the Event Search Bar” in the settings. I was hoping to simply use the classic header for the cleaner appearance. However, it causes problems with the filters (as described above) and causes problems with mobile formatting.

    So, yes, I figured it out just not completely happy with the answer. Thanks again for your time!!

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    Hey Sara!

    Thanks for following up to let me know!

    It’s great you could identify the source of the problem, even though it’s not what you expected in the first place.

    As you marked this resolved I’ll go ahead and close it, but don’t hesitate to open a new topic if anything comes up and we’ll be happy to help.


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