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    Hello, I have updated the translations in Romanian for the main plugin as well as the pro add-on (some significant updates/error corrections).
    Also, i have made some small additions/grammar corrections to Community Events and Facebook Events. Since there was no romanian version for eddtickets (as far as I could tell), I added one myself. Hope you will find them useful. Here’s the link to the translations:

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    Hi Cosmin,

    Thanks so much for contributing to the Romanian translations! I really appreciate it. I checked the files, and it looks like they didn’t get updated with the latest .pot file. To do this, open the .po files you made in PoEdit. Then click Category –> Update from POT File. Select the .pot file from the /lang folder you downloaded above, and the new strings will then be available in your .po file for you to translate. Then you’ll be able to have totally updated translations, and I can add them to the plugins.

    The EDD translation looks good already, so you don’t need to update that one. But please update the others and upload the files for me.

    Thank you!