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Reccurance saving warning in admin part2

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    And yet again you are wrong.
    You already have translations for phrases in this popup in other places. So it is just your fault that this is not translated, you just missed that area.

    And here is proof.

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    Mastafu, I’m closing this thread – as your approach of posting multiple threads one after another seems to be a trend, I should note that it takes us longer to get issues sorted/replied to when there are duplicate issues being reported. On top of that, and perhaps even more concerning, the tone here is unprofessional. I’ve had three separate members of the support team raise concerns about the tone of your comments – which is a red flag for me.

    Please remember: there is no reason to be disrespectful here. This isn’t a life-or-death situation, and there are no global implications because a bug was introduced into a plugin’s codebase. It’s important to keep some perspective and to remember that this is just WordPress. We aren’t building bombs or piloting drones…we’re building websites. While bugs are a problem and a sign that we need to get better as a team, they’re also unfortunately part of the software development process. And they are absolutely no excuse for being unprofessional.

    I’ll be sending you an email momentarily…but honestly I think this relationship probably isn’t going to work out given the tone of some of the posts I’ve seen here.