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    I am using the event calendar plugin translated in french. When you visit a event page, in front of “Prix:” which is the translation of “Price:” the term “Gratuit” (Free) is showing up. I would like to turn it into “Prix libre et conscient”. I tried to modify the the-events-calendar-fr_FR.po doc from the lang folder of the plugin folder and uploaded it with filezilla. I also cleared the cash of my navigator but nothing happens. Am I modyfing the good file? Is there another field the the “Free” one to modify in this file?


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    Hi Fred.

    We have this information regarding translations:

    I’m sure these links should answer your question.

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    Thank you. It helped a little but still don’t take all the translations. See here when you try to take a ticket:
    This time I uploaded the files (, event-tickets-fr_FR.po, the-events-calendar-fr_FR.po and in the wp-content/languages/plugins/ folder but not everything working.

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    Correct Answer

    Fred, I visited¬†¬†and didn’t see “free” anywhere on the site so I’m guessing you got it resolved by now. Please let me know if not.

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