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Is Event Calendar Pro compatible with the plugin qTranslate?

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    Hi! I have a problem with my my Event Calendar list it shows code when it doesn’t have to. And I need to have qTranslate ‘cuase I need my web page in Spanish and Portugues.

    Thank you!

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    This is the URL so you can see what I’m refering to
    It’s in the title of the event’s place.

    Thank you!

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    Hi rubie31,


    Thanks for getting in touch. At this time, our plugin is not 100% compatible with qTranslate. I know that there are other users who have tried to get the two to work together, but it’s not something we can support. You might try searching in the Events Calendar PRO Forum to see if anyone has had success integrating the two.

    If you’d like to encourage us to work on integrating with qTranslate, you can add you votes to the relevant thread on UserVoice.

    I apologize for any inconvenience, and I’m sorry we can’t be of more help with this.