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    I currently own the event calendar pro and I am trying to implement a geolocation function based on longitude/latitude and so forth. I am wondering if I use a geolocation plugin (WordPress), would that be able to separate my events by whatever city or location a particular person is at the way that a geolocation is supposed to work. I am not interested in a map view. I want something that redirects to a server base to an individual’s current location. So my question would be is, Would a plugin allow the events on the calendar to be divided to whatever location it is from? Example, I have several states and cities with different events. Someone from Maine does not want to see events from New York. I just want to make sure that this will allow me to do this or does internal coding not allow it?

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    Hi, Joseph. You posted in our Pre-Sales forum from a user account that doesn’t have any purchases associated with it.

    We don’t answer support questions for The Events Calendar core/free or Event Tickets core/free or their paid add-ons in the Pre-Sales forum.

    If you made your purchase(s) through a different user account, please login to that account and then post in one of the paid forums.

    Thank you for your understanding and thank you for using our plugins.


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    P.S. What you’re asking for isn’t currently available, but if you had the zip code, city name, or something else from the user’s profile, you could redirect their visit to to the URL that the Tribe Bar generates for that city, such as this for Dallas, TX: