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Eventbrite integration is overwriting organizer into with malformed website:

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    Ex. look under Organizer:
    Great American Music Hall

    This should be pulling in the correct organizer description instead of a malformed website url. Thanks!

    Steps to recreate the issue:
    1. Publish a new event with a new organizer that has both the organizer name and description fields filled out.
    2. View the listing page and verify that the organizer description displays correctly underneath the organizer name.
    3. On your website that uses WordPress and has the Events Calendar plugin installed, Click “Events” in the left-nav of the WordPress admin backend
    4. Click the “Import” link, then click over to the Eventbrite tab, then enter your long EID into the Eventbrite Event ID field, then click Go button
    5. Without changing anything, click the blue Update button to the right of the WordPress post
    6. Reload the listing page and see that the organizer description has changed unexpectedly. The organizer description you entered in on /create has been replaced by some broken URL after the string “Website:”

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    Correct Answer


    Thanks for using the Events Calendar.

    Here on the translations forum, I’m afraid we do not provide technical support. I would ask that you take any technical support questions across to our forum – our staff scan it periodically and other community members may also be able to help out.

    If you have purchased a plugin from us, please login and post in the premium forums for that plugin and we can help you out there:

    Thanks again!