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Essential Grid and Modern Tribe Events

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    I am trying to have Essential Grid pull from Events that were created in Modern Tribe Event Calendar. For some reason, the posts will not show up in the preview or on the site.
    At first I was getting Ajax errors so I had had the memory on my site increased, but it still did not work.
    I have also red into use meta data but am not sure how to utilize this properly.

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    Hi Lucy. You posted in our Pre-Sales forum from a user account that doesn’t have any purchases associated with it.

    We don’t answer support questions for The Events Calendar core/free or Event Tickets core/free or their paid add-ons in the Pre-Sales forum.

    If you made your purchase(s) through a different user account, please login to that account and then post in one of the paid forums.

    Thank you for your understanding and thank you for using our plugins.

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    Correct Answer

    Hey there! This thread has been pretty quiet for the last three weeks, so we’re going to go ahead and close it to avoid confusion with other topics. If you’re still looking for help with this, please do open a new thread, reference this one and we’d be more than happy to continue the conversation over there.

    Thanks so much!
    The Events Calendar Support Team