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Day View Layout – DE-Translation wrong

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    at day view layout, the header output (in german) is “Veranstaltungen im 18.01.2017″ which is incorrect. It should be “Veranstaltungen am 18.01.2017″

    I looked (almost) everywhere in the translation files etc. but I can’t find it.

    Where can I change this?


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    Hi, Oliver.

    We have this information regarding translations:

    Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

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    Hi Cliff,

    thank you for your answer.

    I guess it is not an translation issue, as I already looked after this phrase and couldn’t find the string.

    I think in German it should be just handled different as in English.

    EN header title = events for MONTH (month view layout)
    EN header title = events for DAY (day view layout)
    -> it’s the same format, so quite simple

    DE header title = Veranstaltungen in MONTH (month view layout)
    DE header title = Veranstaltungen in DAY (day view layout)
    -> it needs to be different

    The word “in” is wrong in this combination for the day view layout.

    So the only thing I can imagine right now, that this header title is posted like:
    “event” + “for” + MONTH/DAY
    and not like:
    “event for” + MONTH/DAY

    So either the string for this needs to be changed or the german translation changed to at least make it more fit:
    f.e. “für” instead “in”

    EDIT – I just found it in the german language file and was right:
    EN: %1$s for %2$s
    DE: %1$s im %2$s

    -> “im” is incorrect for both headers (month and day)
    For day view “am” would be the best but this would not fir for month view header.

    I will change it for now to %1$s f$uuml;r %2$s to make it currently best fit.


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    The Day View is part of our core plugin, and includes this:

    Translations for The Events Calendar are managed at

    The Events Calendar’s specific project page is here:

    We do not manage or control the free The Events Calendar‘s translations.

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    Correct Answer

    Never mind …

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    Okay… have a good weekend.