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Date format in meta title

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    Hi guys and happy new year,
    It’s me again, with yet another date/translation issue. When I’m browsing Day view, the meta title in the header all of a sudden output the date in the wrong format. Like this: “Evenemang för Wednesday, January 1st 2014”. “Evenemang för” is translated properly from the language file, but the date format should also be in my language. How do I fix this?!

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    Hi kcsanta,

    Thanks for posting. Some elements of the calendar, such as days of the week and month names, are translated by WordPress itself and not via our plugin translations. This means that if you do not have the WordPress translation files loaded for your language you will see some untranslated words in your calendar, even with your language set in wp-config. To fix this, you’ll need to download and install WordPress for your language. Then the Day View (and other Views) should be fully translated.