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Corrections to Spanish .po of WooTickets

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    Hi, I’ve made several corrections to the Wootickets .po improving the spanish translation ES_es.

    It seems it was an automatic translation and there were several mistakes and weird words for spanish (from Spain).
    I have updated the po file with Poedit, you can download the new po/mo files from here:

    But, I don’t know how to change the text that appears in the admin panel, which file may I edit?



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    Hi digg,

    Thanks for updating the translation! I really appreciate it. I checked the files and they looked great, so we’ll be adding them to a future version of the plugin. We’ll credit you in the readme.txt, and I’ll be emailing you shortly with a coupon to get a free license or renewal.

    Most of the text in the WordPress admin would be translated by WordPress itself. To see more in Spanish, you’ll need to download and install WordPress for your language. Then more of the admin will be translated (as well as some WP-controlled parts of The Events Calendar).

    Thanks again!


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    Hi Leah,
    I’m glad to help 🙂

    About the admin text, I mean the spanish translation within this module (where you add the tickets in a particular event) contains non correct expressions for spanish ES_es.
    Some of this text comes from the .po file but other doesn’t (the module’s title ie).
    I’m not sure which file must I edit to improve this.

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    Hey digg,

    Are you referring to our ticketing plugins? Some of the strings relevant to those are within the .pot files for The Events Calendar, but the rest of the strings for those plugins are in the individual .pot files. We have them available for downloading and translation in the Getting Started post.

    I checked our notes, and it looks like we could use updates to the Spanish translations of Facebook Events, Community Events, and Eventbrite Tickets. We don’t have any Spanish translation for EDD Tickets or Shopp Tickets, so those would also be great to have you translate. Just let me know if you are interested in working on any of those.