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Collapsable Catagories – Sub Catagory options

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    Hi guys,
    Sorry for ‘all’ the threads but I am going to be using this plugin extensively and figure seeing as it’s new – I may as well help with some cool features 🙂
    I’d like to know is it possible to have (when in radio button mode) for the event catagories to adopt the parent-catagory architecture? In other words, for me to be able to have collapsable menus in the filter bar (within the catagory bar) to list my catagories?
    I guess similar functionality as the WP Menu backend? That would be awesome because well, if someone has 100 catagories it is going to get very messy, fast!

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    Correct Answer


    No problem with the threads, post away! However, feature requests like this one are best posted on our UserVoice page (and I’d encourage you to add this one there, too).

    I’m sure you could implement this as a customization – but it would I’m afraid be beyond what we can help you with here.

    Does that help/clarify things?