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Category Filter Not Working

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    I am having a problem with the filter bar and category searches on my site: The problem is that if I select a category from the filter dropdown, no events show up. If I choose a date first and then a category, it works.

    The problem is with the “?tribe-bar-date=Date” part of the querystring. If I delete the “Date” part, it works fine. This shows me that the querystring is pulling the placeholder text when no value is chosen. How do I prevent this from happening? This is a live site, so I do not have the option of deleting other plugins or reverting to a default theme. I need to know which file controls that placeholder text and either replace it with a blank value, or write a JS function to strip that from the querystring. Can you please let me know how I should handle this ASAP? Thanks.

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    Any advice? This is a critical issue we need to resolve tonight for our client.

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    I am still waiting for assistance. Anyone?

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    Oh dear! Bassodesigngroup, I am so sorry it took us this long to get back to you. Somehow your post was lost from our new questions queue, and thus no one saw it to respond to you. I was just doing a run through of various open threads on our forums when I saw it. This is very embarrassing, but I would like to do all I can to fix your problem quickly now that I have found it.

    I spent some time examining your site. It appears that any query submitted via Ajax returns a blank set of results, including our Filters. That is no good at all! It looks like the JavaScript is submitting the Ajax request fine, so something on the PHP side of things is getting messed up. I have seen this happen before when there is a third party plugin that does not play with others. Sometimes it is like a User Roles plugin or a custom categories one. Would you mind running through some diagnostic steps so that we can narrow it down?

    First, could you try temporarily activating the default 2013 theme, and seeing if the issue persists. Sometimes it is the theme. If disabling the theme fixes it, we have narrowed the issue down to a theme conflict. Do you have any theme overrides for the Events Calendar? If so could you try disabling them by renaming your [themename]/tribe-events/ folder to ‘tribe-events-bak’. Did that fix it?

    The issue will likely persist in the default 2013 theme. If it does, please keep the 2013 theme enabled, and also disable any plugins other than the ones from Modern Tribe to see if that fixes it. If that fixes things, please try reenabling the plugins one at a time until the issue resurfaces. When it does resurface, can you let me know which plugin caused that to happen?

    I hope this helps us isolate the issue. Either way please respond with the results from the above troubleshooting steps so that we can see what is causing this, and hopefully find a fix. Thanks!

    – Brook