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Calendar in Spanish Only

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    I want the Pro calendar and Community Events in Spanish only. I am also using WPML for the site to have English admin with Spanish default content. I have discovered that Calendar PRO displays without a problem (in Spanish) as long as the WPML String Translation plugin is disabled.
    I have not found any posts in the forums stating they have been successful with the same setup. I’d love to hear some feedback – it seems this will work, I am just missing some setup. I cannot figure out how to get the theme’s translation loaded without WPML’s String Translation active.

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    I’m really sorry but at this time we cannot support integration with WPML. We do realize it is a popular plugin, but complete and seamless integration is not without its challenges and there isn’t too much help we can realistically offer at this time.

    It may be better to approach the WPML support crew or work with a suitable developer who can assist in ironing out the wrinkles for this sort of thing.

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    If you’re interested in working with Events Pro, please check out their program. I think you’d find many users quite thankful to see this product compatible:

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    Thank you Bettie. Hopefully Events Calendar PRO can be WPML-compatible in the future.