Different ticket types allow you the flexibility to sell tickets to various kinds of events. Users with Event Tickets have access to one ticket type: standard ticket. If you also have Events Calendar Pro, you can also use the Series Pass ticket type. In the future, we’ll be adding additional ticket types to further expand the functionality (read more).

Standard Tickets

A standard ticket is the default ticket type. You can create standard tickets from posts, pages, events, and custom post types. Standard tickets grant the attendee access to a single event at a specific date and time. They can be purchased from the frontend of the post or event. Note that standard tickets cannot currently be added to recurring events, though we’re planning to add that functionality in the future (read more).

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Creating a standard ticket in the block editor

Series Passes

A Series Pass is a new ticket type for users with The Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro. You can create Series Passes from the Series admin. While a standard ticket gives the attendee access to a single specific event, a Series Pass grants access to all events in a Series. This includes single and recurring events.

Series Passes can be purchased from the Series page and from any event in that Series. Series Passes are perfect for multi-day events, events with multiple venues or stages, or any time you want to up-sell attendees to more events.

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Creating a Series Pass from the Series admin