Win a Word Camp San Diego Ticket

WordCamp San Diego 2012 sold out the day tickets went for sale. As sponsors, we got 2 tickets and due to life situation, are unable to go in person. This is where you get to benefit. Go hang out with some of the smartest do-ers in the WordPress community. Our core team member Joey Kudish will be speaking right after lunch on “Using Git: Case Studies & Workflow”. Give him a hug and tell him how stoked you are on Events Calendar.

WordCamp San Diego
March 24 & 25
WordCamp San Diego will attract 300 of the savviest developers, designers, marketers, and creative professionals in and around the San Diego area, and within the WordPress community. WordCamps include sessions on how to use WordPress more effectively, beginning plugin and theme development, advanced techniques, security, SEO, design etc.

We’re looking for people who are doing cool things to extend the events calendar both visually or functionally. Write a blog post on your site, Tweet (cc @ModernTribeInc) or Post on Facebook about customization/integration you’ve done related to the plugin and link it back to the website. Then post a comment in this post letting us know what you did. We’ll pick our two favorites at the end of the day Monday.

– Your Friendly Plugin Team!

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  1. Hey guys, love the calendar. I created a post and with a link to a customization I had done for one of my clients. I’m actually in the process of building a new version of their website, which is why I came to your website and how I found out about the Word Camp event here in SD. Man, I’D LOVE TO GO!

    Anyway, check out my article here, hopefully you’ll get some good link juice….

    1. Hey Scott! Thanks for your submission here. You’re one of the winners. Since I was unable to submit a contact form submission on your site in my attempts last night (it just kept generating errors), I sent you a Facebook message giving you the details. Can you send me an email today and I’ll get you the ticket? Thanks again.

  2. Howdy,

    Thanks again for all the time you guys have spent on this project. In lieu of Community Events, I’ve been working on the Gravity Forms & Event Calendar Pro front-end submission form.

    – Created boilerplate GF form XML file with all necessary ECP fields
    – Added recurrence (both On and After)
    – Added all day event
    – Added country/state/province (dropdowns for US and Canada)
    – Fixed Venue/Organizer duplication on GF submission

    See it in action (this is a live form):
    I’ve documented my work here:

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Beautiful, Anthony. Great work – the second ticket is yours. Did you happen to see the contact form submission I sent through at your site? (Didn’t see an email address on record to contact you with). If you want to follow-up via email, I can get you your ticket today as well. Cheers!

  3. Guys –

    I know the contest is closed and all, but thought I’d give you a link to a calendar I created using your plugin:

    It’s a pretty standard implementation of the Events Calendar. The theme PHP queries for the month and loads a custom image as the “top” part of the calendar.

    I had to overwrite some of the PJAX stuff in order to keep all of my jquery working.

    Just did some customizations on the look and feel.

    But, I think it came out really nicely…

  4. Thanks for sharing the finished product here, Eric! No worries that the contest is closed, we always love to see our plugin used in new & interesting ways…and this definitely falls into both categories. Love how the calendar is set to look like the lower half of a menu. (You may be the first user I’ve seen doing this). The custom header image per month is an awesome touch, too.

    Thanks again and great work. We appreciate your support and getting to see the finished product.

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