Want to beta test our Events Importer add-on?

While we’re still cranking away at improving Events Calendar PRO and are already working on the 2.0.2 release, we’ve also been focusing some of our downtime on another product: the Events Importer add-on. Last night we finally got it to a place where it’s stable and as a result are looking for some beta testers to help identify whatever bugs remain.

The plugin is lightweight and only serves one purpose: importing events, venues & organizers from a CSV file into Events Calendar PRO. You plug the CSV in, map the columns so the system knows what data to attach to what PRO fields, and it takes care of the rest. At the end you’ve got a whole slew of events that you didn’t have to manually enter one by one.

Check it out in action:

While there isn’t a whole lot to beta tester here, we could definitely use some fresh eyes on the plugin. We’re looking mostly for bug reports, moreso than feature requests — we’re intentionally trying to keep this simple and lightweight, so the only features that we’d really be adding at this point are those needed to help avoid confusion.

That’s where you come in. If you think you’ve got a good eye for catching bugs, are a current Events Calendar PRO customer and are willing to provide some feedback between now and next Friday (11/11/11), shoot me a note. Please do not reply in the comments field. We’re looking for a max 10 testers here, so the first 10 meeting the criteria above who respond get it. Looking forward to hearing what you guys dig up.

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  1. Hi, is there a solution to post the events straight ahead to our facebook page in the events section?



    1. There is nothing at the moment. We’ve been debating creating that as an add-on.

  2. Is there any way to import from an existing .ics file?

  3. Hey guys,

    any news on when you are releasing this add-on?


    1. Arvid,

      If you would like to beta test, ping us at pro@tri.be

  4. I am using the CSV importer and everything is working except the end date is always set to the start date. I have triple checked everything including the CSV file and the table in the DB. It is definitely set incorrectly.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Are you still looking for beta testers, as this is functionality that I would love to see, and would be happy to be a beta teser to get my hands on it

    1. Hey Duncan,

      Feel free to send us an email at pro /a/ tri.be and we’ll send you a copy.

  6. Adam- I found the exact thing. End date and time automatically taken from the start date and time.
    Also, there is not a way to synch up the category field.
    Writing this as of 5/29/2012

    1. Thanks for the note here, Quent. Between this and your email I’ve got some possible CSV Importer conflicts to look into. Once I can verify them as legit on my end I’ll get each logged so we can work towards resolution on our end. Cheers on the feedback and please let us know if we can do anything else!

  7. I just noticed that the dates for your comments don’t show up. This post is (July 11, 2012).

    I don’t know if you are still looking for beta testers, or if this is already available, but I would love to give a try. I’m not sure how much help I will be because I am far from an expert in such manners, but I would love to help out in any way I can.

    Thank you,

    1. Sorry I missed the comment here initially, Anthony. Looks like you’re all set with this per our email exchange but I just wanted to acknowledge that I’d seen it here and apologize for the delayed response. Let us know what else we can do 🙂

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