Virtual Event in a Box Content Pack

Instant access to email templates, graphics, timelines, and more to help kick off your virtual event.

Virtual events 101

Virtual event lifecycle

TKTKTK… Hazel to write this piece

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Creating a marketing plan

Don’t jump into promotion before you create your plan. Our template makes it easy.

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Plotting the timeline

Your event timeline is essentially an organized to-do list. Fill in the details, starting with our template.

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Planning your event

How to make money

Monetizing your virtual event isn’t as difficult as you think.

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Event listing copy template

No need to reinvent the wheel when you use our template for your calendar’s event listing.

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Virtual event toolbox

…what is this again?


Marketing your event

Email templates

Streamline your email marketing with our easy-to-customize templates.

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Graphic Templates

No design skills required with our customizable graphic templates.

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Social media promotion guide

Learn to create an easy, effective game plan for promoting your event on social.

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Executing your event

The pre-event checklist

Camera on, mic check… run through this list right before you go live.

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Being a great host

Keep your audience engaged. Learn how to moderate your event for success.

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After the event

Survey questions

A list of questions to ask after your event to gather feedback.

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Best practices for follow-up

Don’t leave your audience hanging after the event is over.

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Virtual Events for The Events Calendar

Easily embed livestreams, integrate with Zoom, and optimize your calendar for virtual events.

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