The Events Calendar 3.0 Preview: Map View

On Monday, we teased a bit more of The Events Calendar / Events Calendar PRO 3.0‘s week view and got some awesome responses from the community as a result of it. To keep up that momentum, today’s preview shifts gears to a new frontend layout that wasn’t an option in the 2.x builds: map view. Check out our map view screencast and an overview of what to expect from it after the jump.

As the video suggests, this view should come in handy for folks who like to visualize their events calendar. The ability to show events plotted on a map has been a frequent request practically since I started doing support back on Events Calendar PRO 1.3.3. from users who have events across enough of a geographic spread that it felt worthwhile to them. Well, it took us some time, but we’ve finally got that sorted.

By default, the map view — powered, naturally, by Google Maps — will show just enough of the map to bring in all of your events. If your events are all in the same small town, no problem…a detailed map of that town’s layout with markers indicating each event’s location is provided. Scheduling parties around the globe? Also totally doable…you’ll see a map of the world, complete with markers for each of your events and the ability to zoom in on whichever you see fit.

The events bar integrates nicely with map view. Use the “date” option to set the start date for your events loop. By default it shows all events from the current day forward, but this can be changed at any time. The “search” option allows you to bring in all events that have a certain word in their title or description. The “location” field lets you search for events near a given city/state. No matter which field you use to filter, the map above will always update to reflect the events displayed in the loop below.

Pretty cool, right? We’re looking forward to seeing big, beautiful maps across your sites…and hope it adds value for those who make good use of assigning venues to each event.

We welcome your feedback or questions in the comments below. Check back later in the week for a third preview post…covering photo view.

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  1. Love Google maps. This makes Events Calendar Pro even more robust … That and i’m a very visual person.

    1. Awesome to hear you’re excited, Jason! We definitely included this largely because of feedback from visual folks like yourself. Hope you’ve got a copy of the beta…if you haven’t yet, let me know and I’ll hook you up.

  2. The “from” date filter doesn’t make much sense.

    If the site has hundreds of events coming up, the map will be completely overloaded.

    There should be a date RANGE option that can default to today’s events, events over the next 7 days, two weeks or month etc.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Roger. You raise a good point. Our thinking on map view was that its meant as a way of showing events….not based on time, but based on distance. If people want to see events taking place during a specific period, they’ll probably want to narrow down using another view: month view, week view, etc.

      That said: the filters panel will also assist in the situation you’ve noted. While I didn’t demo it in this video, it’ll allow you to narrow events down by distance from your current location; by time of day; etc. So in a situation like you described — where there are hundreds of events coming up, and the map is overloaded — they could either use the datepicker to select a new start date, or rely on the existing start date and use the filters to narrow down to criteria that better meets what they’re looking for.

      We’ll keep this on the radar as we start getting more beta feedback. You’re the first to raise this specific point, and I could certainly see it being incorporated in a future release if there is enough demand for it.

  3. Very nice updates. We are in the middle of trying to code searches on our site and it looks like 3.0 solves a lot of what we are trying to accomplish.

    One thing I’d like to see with the search bar is to be able to hard code locations to pop up like the date range. We have events at or around 6 primary classroom locations and it would be great if we could auto populate those locations on the search bar.

    Thanks for making such nice improvements in your product.

    1. Hey mbritt. Thanks for the note here, and for your words…awesome to hear you’ve found the new release to your liking.

      I really find your thought about the search bar interesting; and when I just ran it by the dev team, they actually told me that this is something they’ve been considering as well. We’ve got it logged in our system — even before you brought it up, funnily enough — and while it won’t be included in the initial 3.0 release, we’re planning on incorporating it in a subsequent build shortly thereafter.

      Appreciate the feedback and support. If you have any other questions or need anything else here, definitely let me know.

      1. HI Rob,

        Based on the feature set of 3.0 I’m stopping the current work we were having done to create these features on the EventCalendar 2.0. Is there a way to be part of the Beta so we can start working with the new features? Sorry to post this on the comments but I didn’t see your direct email on the site.

      2. Hey mbritt. We’d be happy to get you the beta code. If you send an email to pro /a/, I’ll get it over to you today. Cheers!

  4. Is this compatible with BuddyPress and BBPress?
    Can users use Facebook to login into my webiste?

    1. Arturo: we haven’t heard any issues of incompatibility with BuddyPress or BBPress, so you should be good on that end (although the functionality doesn’t overlap…so while they can exist alongside one another, Events and its add-ons dont interact with those much).

      You can definitely find other plugins out there that allow for Facebook login, but we unfortunately don’t have anything along those lines built on our end.

      Hope that helps. Let me know if you have other questions or need anything else.

  5. Will the new map features include the option to use coordinates rather than a street address?

    1. Hey Tony. We’re working towards that and some of the code will be reflected in 3.0, but as an officially supported functionality that’s going to be included in a post-3.0 dot release. We see the value but haven’t found a way to effectively integrate it without messing up some of our existing address data.

      We have had a bunch of requests for it, though, and you should know it is on the radar. Hope that helps and sorry I couldn’t offer anything more. If you have other questions here please just let me know. Thanks again for your interest.

  6. Thanks. I’m sure it would be a useful feature for a lot of sites whose location is far enough from Google Maps headquarters that street addresses simply don’t work.

  7. When I tried the demo of The Event Calendar (non-pro version) the map view was listed with the features. I was disappointed when I just installed it on my site that it is only available in the PRO version. Any possibility that it will be made available on the vanilla version?

    1. Oh no! Sorry to let you down, inmiowa…I can see how that would be disappointing. Out of curiosity: what was it that suggested to you the core/free version would have Map view out of the box? It was never our intent to release that as anything but a PRO feature. However, it sounds like we have some false messaging somewhere that suggests otherwise and is improperly setting people’s expectations as a result. If you can point me to whatever you saw that suggested this I would definitely get that changed to save others from experiencing your frustration.

      Thanks in advance!

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