Tell us what event management features you’d like us to build next

Have we told you lately that we love you? And because of that, we want to give you an opportunity to help shape the future of our products business.

While our development cycle for The Events Calendar / Events Calendar PRO 3.0 is nearing an end, it certainly won’t be our only plugin adventure of 2013. This is where the community comes in: we are interested in event related product & feature ideas from the folks who use our plugins to power their sites and businesses. What have you been wanting to see from Modern Tribe? What would help you be a better developer / webmaster / event manager / WordPress expert? These could be related to an existing product, or could be ideas for one that doesn’t exist yet. We aren’t promising to build it…but we’ll never know what’s worth building to begin with, until we have feedback on what you – yes, you – want.

> Go Post Your Ideas <

To that end, as a dumping ground for ideas, we’ve created a page on UserVoice to offer feedback. Users can “vote up” feature requests others have posted, which over time will help paint a picture of what people want. Please keep in mind that this is not a support forum, so please don’t post support discussions there. But we are listening…and any ideas you’ve got, big or small, are welcome.

Tell us what you want us to build next!

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  1. Hi!,

    It would be great to see an App on a ie. iPhone that could scan a QR-code on a ticket automating the process when attendees comes to an Event.

  2. The ability to print out a list of attendees and the type of tickets they bought.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, guys. We’ve definitely got these on the radar in some capacity or another. I’m actually going to turn off comments here so that anyone who visits down the road has incentive to go post at the UserVoice page…but know that these ones you’ve posted already aren’t falling on deaf ears. Cheers!

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