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      Start Date & List Display

      Posted by: moif
      Most Recent by: Support Droid on 2015/07/07 at 6:26am in: Events Calendar PRO

      Hello, Whenever I login to my Dashboard and click on Events I am shown the list of events with the last date at the very top. I’ve created recurring events way into the future (2016). I’d like to be able click on Events and see the events for the …

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    • 7/7/15
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      Hiding Recurring Events Details

      Posted by: moif
      Most Recent by: Support Droid on 2015/07/02 at 7:33am in: Events Calendar PRO

      Morning all, I run a radio station and we’ll be using ECP2 to schedule shows. I have a question about Recurring Events. When creating the event on the back end there is a section which asks when the event will end. This then displays on the event itself…

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    • 7/2/15
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      Massively Unhappy

      Posted by: moif
      Most Recent by: Brook on 2013/12/16 at 7:13am in: Events Calendar PRO

      License expired. Prompted to purchase new license which I was happy to do. Current version was 2.0.11 so I took backups, upgraded and discovered 3.0+ versions are incompatible with my theme. Spent a day or so trying to figure it out (yes, plugins deactivated,…

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    • 12/16/13
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      Calendar Display and Widgest

      Posted by: moif
      Most Recent by: moif on 2011/10/22 at 5:01am in: Events Calendar PRO

      Hi Guys, I’m taking a different approach and have decided to have the calendar as the default display. Except things aren’t quite right here either 🙂 I’ve noticed that the calendar isn’t display across the whole width of the page du…

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    • 10/22/11
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      Display today's events

      Posted by: moif
      Most Recent by: moif on 2011/10/20 at 1:50am in: Events Calendar PRO

      Morning, Is it possible to show only the days events when a visitor looks at the Event List? I’m presuming some editing of php files is required, and if so would this be list.php? Thanks!

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    • 10/20/11