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      Some small bugs / questions

      Posted by: Gøran
      Most Recent by: Support Droid on 2015/07/07 at 6:27am in: Events Calendar PRO

      Soon finish adopting the last version to my site, some small final questions: If you see here, the word “« All Events” arent translated to nb_NO and i can`t find it in none of the translation (…

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    • 7/7/15
    • Solved Closed
      Missing string / translation in nb_NO

      Posted by: Gøran
      Most Recent by: Leah on 2014/04/02 at 3:27pm in: Translations

      Hi! In ECP 3.5 there is a missing string / translation here It says “« Previous Events” – should be “Tidligere arrangementer” in Norwegian. I cant find the string – wich fi…

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    • 4/2/14
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      One string not translated

      Posted by: Gøran
      Most Recent by: Leah on 2014/01/17 at 10:35am in: Translations

      Hi! There is one string that not is correctly translated and i can`t find it in the po-file. At the bottom of a single event like here everything is correct translated to norwegian, except for …

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    • 1/17/14
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      Link color in list view

      Posted by: Gøran
      Most Recent by: Joyce Grace on 2012/08/28 at 1:24am in: Events Calendar PRO

      Hi! Take a check at this list view As you see, the link color for an activity is in black / grey. I have seeing around in the css file, but i find everything else than the color for this important thing. A lot…

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    • 8/28/12