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PO Key missing (German Translation)

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    Dear support-team,

    I was trying to fix a German language issue on the events list by day. Currently the headline says: “Veranstaltungen im 1. November 2016” (Example: This is wrong German and reads quite awful.

    So it should either be “Veranstaltungen am 1. November 2016” (which would not work for the events by month view – if its the same key) or “Veranstaltungen 1. November 2016” (which would also be ok for the events by month view). I was looking for a PO key to change in the tribe-events-calendar-pro-de_DE.po but could not find the right key. Can you help please?

    Thanks and Cheers!

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    Hi again, Reinhard.

    Thanks so much for your interest in helping translate our plugins!

    Here is our process for translations:

    Two things to note are:

    • You do not have to submit an entire translation, you can just submit translations for individual strings. Even if it’s just one string, or something like a spelling correction, it all helps!
    • Your submitted strings will be saved as “suggestions”, and not immediately included in a translation file for export until an administrator approves them. This may seem like a limitation, but it helps us ensure nobody comes along and deletes translations or adds spam or something to them. Your suggestions should be approved in a timely manner.

    I hope this information brings you up to speed on our translations site. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns! 🙂

    Thank you!

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    Hi there,

    thanks for your reply, but accidently it’s no help, because I would have to edit this term:

    After registration I’m not allowed to edit this term, because it’s an “The Event Calender” entry in the ‘ Translations’ section, where you have to be ‘translation editor on’ – which I’m not 😉

    The main problem is: The german translation refers to ‘src/functions/template-tags/loop.php:152‘ (current translation is fine for this one) and it also refers to ‘src/functions/template-tags/loop.php:161‘ (grammatically correct translation would be ‘%1$s am %2$s’ for this one – there’s a difference between “im” and “am” in German 😉

    So, it would be great if one of your team could update this one into your translation – because I don’t have the rights to do so.

    Best & Thanks

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    If I’m understanding you correctly, the translation is correct for one instance when it’s used but not another — and you think they should be 2 different/separated strings to translate — correct?

    If yes, please clarify exactly which 2 views or use cases you’re referring to so I can offer the consideration to our development team.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Cliff,

    yeah, that’s totally right! 😉

    Case 1: current translation for view “month” (“tribe_is_month”) is correct (“%1$s im %2$s”)

    Case 2: current translation for view “day” (“tribe_is_day”) is grammatically wrong. Should be “%1$s am %2$s” instead of “%1$s im %2$s”

    Thanks for taking care,

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    Regarding the Tribe Bar, you said:

    • current translation for Month View (tribe_is_month) is correct: “%1$s im %2$s”
    • current translation for Day View (tribe_is_day) is grammatically wrong and should be “%1$s am %2$s” instead of “%1$s im %2$s”


    1. Your site doesn’t have Day View enabled. It does have List View enabled and allows you to select a specific date, and “AM” is already displayed, as you desire:
    2. And “IN” is displayed when choosing a month:

    So is there actually an error/issue here???

    Thanks for clarifying.

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    Dear Cliff,

    1. We do have “Day View” enabled. It’s called “Tag” in German and is clearly visible on your first screenshot.
    2. The wrong translation we’re talking about is BELOW you’re marked spot (see attachment). Maybe yesterday it wasn’t visible, because I’ve changed the line in the po-file for myself. But it was written over again anyways this night – so now you can the wrong translation on our site.


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    Ah ha. Thank you very much!

    I’ve logged this bug for the calendar title (not the Tribe Bar) with our developers. You can fix it on your site again if you’d like.