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Filter Bar issue

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    Good morning, I wanted to point out an issue with filter bar:

    We have multiple Open House events, so each Open House event gets the category “Open House”.
    We send out this link, so that people can decide which event they would like to sign up for:

    The issue happens when you try to use filter bar.
    Choose “Dance” for example (we currently have two Dance events coming up)

    You are presented with the screen shot, which states that there are no events.
    Can you please look into this.
    Thank you.

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    Hi, Rich. Thanks for your thorough report.

    I was able to reproduce this issue and therefore logged the bug with our developers.

    I marked this thread as Pending Fix, which means it should receive a reply once the applicable fix has been released. I cannot guarantee when it will be fixed as it’s in the development team’s hands now. They need to assign it, code it, test it, and schedule it for release.

    Realistically, this isn’t likely to be fixed soon (months at the soonest, just my best guess) because it’s fairly complex and we’re focusing on a few other big tasks right now. Therefore, for now, I’d recommend sharing this URL instead:¬†

    You might even use a redirection plugin to redirect to this instead.

    I apologize for this issue and appreciate your understanding and patience.

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    thanks for getting back to me.

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    Sure thing! Thanks for your understanding.