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Filter Bar doens't filter if custom field has an "&" in it

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    Similar to the issue below, we get the same behavior if a custom field entry has an “&” in it. I have a custom field for “Series” and one series is called “Sight & Sound”. We get a ‘no results found’ if that’s selected. I also have a custom field for “event type” with an entry “Discussion & Concert” which causes the same issue.

    I’m temporarily working around it by just converting the & to “and” but the names of that series in print and in ads is “Sight & Sound” not “and” so it’s a little confusing.
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    Thanks for reporting this issue. I’ve confirmed it on my testing site and logged the bug with our developers.

    I marked this thread as Pending Fix, which means it should receive a reply once the applicable fix has been released. I cannot guarantee when it will be fixed as it’s in the development team’s hands now. They need to assign it, code it, test it, and schedule it for release.

    I apologize for this issue and appreciate your understanding and patience.