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    Using the above extension, v.1.0.0

    Since the latest two EC/Pro updates it has borked a little – it shows only the one featured image, from the latest event, for ALL events in the month.

    eg. 4 workshops in a month, different types (korean, mexican, polish, portuguese) each with a different featured image, BUT now they all show (in EC Pro, month view) the same featured image from the Korean workshop.

    Hovering over the event shows the correct image in the popup box, but the month view still shows the incorrect image.

    Is there an update expected for this extension?
    It’s visually great, a wayyyy better sell than just words and I’m constantly surprised that its not the default, or choose-able as part of the full plugin.

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this problem.

    This is actually a known issue that is being worked on. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a timeline for when the fix will be released. I will attach this thread to the bug ticket, and as soon as a fix is available, we will follow back up with you here to let you know.

    I would suggest to disable this extension until it is updated.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions about this in the meantime.