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Elastic Events Download (on not working

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    As the title states – when you *order* the free *Elastic Events* plugin, after clicking Download there appears to be a few address traversal attempts and then…. nothing. No download, no failure message. Just, staring right at the same page without change.

    I figured I’d bring it up – would love to try out Elastic 🙂

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    Hi There!

    Thanks for taking your time to report this.

    Just tested on my end and found the same behavior. I notified the team and we are already working on fixing it.

    We’ll let you know as soon as we fix this so you can download the plugin.

    We appreciate your help and patience with this.


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    Sounds good, glad to help 🙂

    I’m looking forward to checking it out.

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    Thanks for understanding. We’ll keep you posted 🙂