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Tags broken if Calendar is enabled

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    Hello there, we have a website with Calendar PRO and WPML. I know that WMPL isn’t officially supported, but I need a workaround on this scenario:

    We have 2 languages on the site, and each language has its tag page like: (english) (italian)
    If the calendar is disabled, everything works fine. If I enable the calendar, the tag pages show 0 results. Another problem related to this: if the calendar is enabled, the wordpress search shows 0 results, if I disable the calendar also the search works fine in both languages. I tried to revert to the default theme, the problem persists.

    Please give me some advices and tricks to make the results appear again!

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    You’re right that we can’t do too much with WPML at this time. Is it definitely an issue with that plugin, ie if you deactivate WPML and flush permalinks (by visiting the Permalinks Settings screen) is the problem also resolved that way?

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    Hello Barry, thank you for your reply. Effectively your workaround re-enables the tag and the search features, but unfortunately only on the english version. The italian version of the website shows 0 results for tag pages and normal search results page. Does it help in something?

    Alternatively I was thinking: what about if I tell to Calendar Pro to don’t use the tags and don’t include in the search, basicly “hey Calendar Pro, don’t try to act on the tags and search results, but just stay in your world”. Do you think that a similar scenario could help me in fixing this situation? We are working for a customer website and we need to fix it asap.

    Thank you for your help.

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    That’s a great idea (stopping The Events Calendar from working with tags) and if that would suit your needs you could certainly explore it – unfortunately though this would really be a piece of custom development work that we can’t provide a great deal of help with here on the support forums. Two areas I would highlight though if you want to dig into this are:

    • Rewrite rules – extra rules added by The Events Calendar in relation to tags can be filtered out via the tribe_events_rewrite_rules hook
    • Queries – you may need to add your callbacks on the parse_query hook to circumvent our own logic (please see TribeEventsQuery::parse_query())

    Good luck :-)

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