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Plugins that play nice with TEC Pro

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    I know it’s hard (in fact, probably impossible) to state definitively which themes and plugins play nicely with each other. It’s a complex topic and the goal posts move with every update of every product. But I thought it might be useful to have a list of themes & plugins that appear to work well with TEC Pro

    I’ll kick this off by mentioning the Redirection plugin which I have found to be very useful for rewriting URLs on the fly. One caveat is that the Modified Posts group is broken and should be disabled. So:

    * Redirection plugin – (caveat: Disable Modified Posts)

    Nick Froome

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    Hey Nicholas. Thanks for the note here. This is a solid topic and I’ve indeed marked it as “Sticky” so other users can contribute their thoughts as they go. I know there are a lot of folks using Jetpack, which from what I’ve seen works pretty well with TEC right out of the box.

    Will add others as they come to mind, and it’ll be interesting to see what the rest of the community can offer up as well. Thanks for getting this discussion going.

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