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Missing Months – Apparent JQuery Issue after most recent WordPress Upgrade

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    I updated to 3.71 which uses JQ 1.10; it appears the Event Calendar uses 1.08 and there is a conflict not allowing the Calendar to be created properly and browsed as intended.

    Currently – in oct, Nov is missing, but is populated when navigated to it directly.

    I assume its just an issue between jq libraries.

    (confirmed on multiple themes from various theme manufacturers)

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    I’m having the same functionality issue but only running 3.6.1

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    We are having the same issues. Any word on a fix?

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    Correct Answer

    Hi, folks! I’m so sorry about this. You are seeing a bug in our code. Please be confident that your events are safe!

    We have indeed found the culprit in our code and have a fix in the works. It may be that you’ll need to wait until our next release, which is just around the corner, but the good news is that after midnight, the issue will go away (lie dormant) until the end of November, so it shouldn’t affect you before the fix is out.

    Our apologies again for the Halloween scare!

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