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      Sage goes not allow free tickets

      Posted by: Peter
      Most Recent by: Brian on 2015/06/10 at 12:38pm

      I have tickets using Shop and Sage gateway. I sell ceramics online and I’m moving into holding ceramic shows. For my first show I have 50 artists taking part and I want to issue them each with codes so they can give up to 10 regular customers free ticke…

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    • 6/10/15
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      2 Event Listings 1 Ticket

      Posted by: buffalomedia
      Most Recent by: Geoff on 2015/03/26 at 9:59am

      Hello I have an event listed that is a 3 day event (an Open House). On one day of this event here is a concert. I have an event created for the Open House, I also have created an event for the concert. What I want to do is have tickets for the concert avai…

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    • 3/26/15
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      Is there a way not to send out tickets?

      Posted by: Rupert
      Most Recent by: Barry on 2015/03/25 at 4:16pm

      Hi I have got a site running with shopp tickets at We print our own tickets at the moment so dont want them to be sent out in an email. Is this possible? Thanks Rupert

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    • 3/25/15
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      Shopp SagePay Issue

      Posted by: Peter
      Most Recent by: Barry on 2015/03/05 at 2:31pm

      Hey guys, I’ve currently got the Shopp ticket plugin activated on a site that sells physical products & the tickets. The issue I have is when I have a ticket in the checkout the only field is the billing address as there is no need for the delivery …

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    • 3/5/15
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      Release: Shopp Tickets 3.3

      Posted by: Rob
      Most Recent by: Rob on 2014/12/17 at 5:58pm

      Today marked the release of the latest plugin to join our tickets framework: Shopp Tickets! As you might expect by the name, Shopp Tickets harnesses the power of the Shopp e-commerce plugin to add frontend ticket sales to your events. Shopp, which just recent…

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    • 12/17/14
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      Events not showing in Calendar Widget

      Posted by: motoshop
      Most Recent by: Barry on 2014/09/04 at 8:17pm

      I created about 20 events and have recently moved from WooCommerce to Shopp and Shopp Tickets and now none of my events are displayed in the widgets. I can still see them on the big calendar but that’s it. See the little calendar on the right on this pa…

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    • 9/4/14
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      Tickets Being Sent Before Payment is Processed

      Posted by: buffalomedia
      Most Recent by: Barry on 2014/08/01 at 3:39pm

      Hello I have a problem with Shopp Tickets, it is sending the tickets to the users email before the PayPal payment has been processed. So if I begin the PayPal checkout process and just close my browser it sends the tickets like I paid for them.

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    • 8/1/14
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      Moving Shopp Ticket Form

      Posted by: buffalomedia
      Most Recent by: buffalomedia on 2014/07/21 at 12:49pm

      Hello I would like to adjust the position of the SHopp ticket form in the single event view. I saw this tutorial for WooCommerce ( How can I do this for Shopp? Thanks.

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    • 7/21/14
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      Ticket display on event comes and goes

      Posted by: dynamiccreation
      Most Recent by: Barry on 2014/06/24 at 12:24pm

      HI there I have gotten the ticket up and running on my events, but then it is sometimes not there, even though when I got into the dashboard view it is still set up… and then next time I look it might display. Any ideas what could be causing this?

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    • 6/24/14
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      Event posts not appearing with other posts

      Posted by: peeblesmedia
      Most Recent by: Barry on 2014/06/17 at 8:52pm

      Event posts are not appearing amongst other posts even though ‘Include events in main blog loop’ is ticked. Even tried adding category ID for Exhibitions (957) and still didn’t show anything. Any ideas?

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    • 6/17/14